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Our Capital working for your Home Transaction!

Our Brokers have $1 Million in their back pocket to help tackle your hardest situations. 

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Home Buy Capital

HBC provides money to tenants, buyers, sellers, owners, and investors of homes for their real estate needs. The money provided by HBC is not a debt.  HBC does not check credit histories or income of the recipients; its sole focus is the home transaction.

HBC buyers can waive financing contingency, make cash offers, and win a home, often at much lower price. HBC will protect buyer's earnest money deposit, by buying the home for the buyer as the situation arise.

HBC sellers do not have to take lowball cash offers, instead take the highest offer, even if the highest offer is subject to financing. If the buyer's financing were to fail, HBC will buy the home. 

The money provided by HBC is not debt. HBC makes money either by real estate commission or by charging a rent., as per the use case. Terms and conditions apply.

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Win

We will win the first home your family loves, or we will credit you $1,000 for your home transaction!

Guaranteed Sale

We will buy your home if your transaction fails to close.

Customized Solutions

Transactions structured to your unique needs and tailored to meet your specific housing goals

Our Users

Home Buy Capital was very helpful in helping understand all my options as a first time buyer. Once I explained my scenario to them, their custom solution worked better for me than all my other options. 

Dave Reddington

I can't thank Home Buy Capital enough! Although I am a somewhat experienced real estate investor, they really helped take the stress out of evaluating different money sources and options for me.  

Amelia Banks

Being a long time homeowner, I had built up significant equity in my house. I wanted to tap into this equity but the alternatives I explored had too many fees and were too costly. Home Buy Capital provided me with liquidity at very reasonable pricing and I am very happy about it.

Kenny Stutes

As renters, we really wanted to move into a house that would appreciate and help us build equity, while also providing some tax benefits. We didn't have the budget to afford the house we wanted, so Home Buy Capital's ground lease option was the perfect solution for us. 

Donna O'Malley

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