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Luxury Villa


Buying a home in the Seattle area is hard. In multiple offers situation, Cash buyers usually win, and it's risky since the market seems frothy. In single offer situation, Cash buyers can pay thousands less and still get their offer accepted.

While it is expected that the market will continue to rise, there is always a possibility of a market crash. It has happened in the past, and it will happen in the future. We can help homebuyers in multiple ways depending on their requirements.

1. We can help lower your down payment or lower your monthly installment or both using ground rent. Your monthly payment can be as much as 30% lower.
2. We can provide a cash offer solution and get you the home for lower price and also beating other competing buyers. If you are the only buyer, sellers are willing to accept thousands less if it is a cash offer. If you have competition, a cash buyer is likely to win. If we failed to win, we will credit you $1,000.
3. We can consume market price risk - if the market crashes significantly, we bear the loss of the crash beyond your down payment. 

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